What We Do

We design, create and build your brand, media & marketing to help your business grow in success… it’s what we do.

Thinkpad Creative help your business to thrive in its marketplace. Think of us as your own personal design agency, here to help with your design, print & internet requirements whenever you need them.

We don’t speak confusing jargon or tell clients what they should or shouldn’t do. We like to work closely with our clients in a clear and simple manner, advising what will gain customers, generate business & grow your brand recognition. After all… your success, is our success!

Not every design agency is able to provide a comprehensive package that includes all four stages of your brand or company launch. Thinkpad Creative specialise in implementing your strategy and design right through your advertising, marketing, website, literature, packaging, signage, & so on… This stage in the process is just as important as every other, how the brand is implemented is a win or lose situation. A good design poorly implemented is as bad as no design at all.

Good implementation of your brand across all of your media, both digital & printed, is vital to reaching your customers with the right message. Once a customer is engaged by your brand, it then has to capture their attention through various aspects; how it makes them feel, how easy it is to understand & navigate, what the brand will say about them if they are associated with it etc. This is achieved though UX & UI in digital media, and through high quality materials & finishes in physical media. Whether its the feel of the paper stock or the engagement your website brings users, good implementation is what gains customers.

Even the most successful brands can loose popularity if nothing new or improved takes place. This is where evaluation of your brand is vital to continue gaining customers as the brand develops.

Evaluating your brand is an ongoing service we provide to many customers who want to continually increase their market presence. Once we have established your brand, we provide a monthly evaluation of what improvements should be made depending on the current customer flow.

Analytics & Metrics of your website & digital marketing will help to choose which direction your marketing & advertising should next take, this provides an ever changing direction that evolves through constant market evaluation.

We take into consideration every positive & negative result your brand receives and make necessary changes to improve customer growth & brand recognition. Thinkpad Creative offer ongoing monthly services to improve your brand through Social Media, Analytics & Metrics, SEO Evaluation & Managment, Website Content Management, Digital Marketing & Employee Engagement. Talk to us and see what we can offer you.