Our History

Our History; From Repro Cameras, Letraset & Spray Mount, to Digital Media, Pixels & the internet… a lifetime of experience in the design & print industry.

Thinkpad Creative is the culmination of many years experience in the design industry, established and managed by David Smith who started his career in Graphic Design long before a company would have even heard of digital media or how important it is to have web presence. Being in the industry for so many years has provided Thinkpad Creative with a wealth of knowledge covering all aspects of design & marketing that we use to benefit our customers.

These days anyone with a digital camera believes they’re a professional photographer, anyone with a copy of Photoshop believing they can edit or create images as well as any design agency, in-house employees creating their own emailers, presentations or literature that lacks any credible design or appeal. What they lack is experience, experience that comes from understanding how a customer perceives what they’re looking at, what a brand needs to gain presence in its market, how a design must capture an audience within 7 seconds.

Thinkpad Creative offer you every bit of that experience.

“I left school to immediately start as a graphic designer in the mid 90’s, in the early years I learned how to put together brochures & stationery using letraset & repro cameras, outputting layouts on film to be used with printing plates & presses. This gave me a vast knowledge of how printing processes & presses work. Working for a company that covered all aspects of design & marketing I soon became skilled in both onsite & studio photography using Mamiya large format cameras.

As time went by and computers became vital tools for design, learning how to typeset on PC and many other digital abilities were soon opened up to me. With the introduction of computers I was soon developing animations, illustrations, digital images, image enhancement, manipulation & much more in relation to graphic design.

In the late 90’s I soon started to code & develop websites and built some of the first websites for companies across the north east of England. More than 20 years later I decided to establish Thinkpad Creative which is the culmination of the past experience I’ve gained in the industry. I know that anyone who deals with us is going to benefit greatly from what we offer.”

David F. Smith – Creative Director & MD, Thinkpad Creative