Timelapse video re-brand for Arriva TrainCare

With the re-branding of LNWR to Arriva TrainCare, a re-brand of their timelapse train refurbishment video was required to incorporate their new logo and branding. The final video was then incorporated into their website for public viewing.


The £9.5 million contract, commissioned by Angel Trains and delivered by leading UK rail maintenance specialist LNWR, started in early 2011 and was completed successfully with the final fully refurbished train now back in service on the Cambrian Line.

The refurbishment, which took place at LNWR’s heavy maintenance and paint facility in Crewe, saw a complete re-fit of the trains to create a new carriage interior. Passengers have been so impressed with the work carried out that many thought that the trains were new.

The video capture took place over a 3 week period which resulted in thousands of 3 second video clips that needed compiling and organizing into a storyline for the final video. Camera’s were placed both inside & outside the video to show both processes happening at the same time. Although the conditions were poor for high quality video capture, the final result is quite amazing to watch.

 PROJECT REQUIREMENTS: Rebrand of the original timelapse video taken in 2012, to be updated to the new Arriva TrainCare branding. The Original video was to be taken over a 3 week period to show the refurbishment process that takes place on both a train interior & exterior. Final video was to be condensed into a short clip that would be embedded on their website for promotion of their services.