Graphic Design

We specialise in graphic design and provide modern, high quality design for all your brand and media requirements.

Graphic Design is also known as communication design, the ability to send a message through visual design both physical & virtual. Graphic Design is seen in everything, everywhere, from a simple postage stamp to a billboard advertisement, online retailing website & much more. Nothing is created without some form of Graphic Design being implemented.

This type of design is the driving force behind your brand image. It creates a way to visually communicate with your customer through type, colour, image and layout, to engage them with your message and generate confidence in your brand. Graphic Design includes creating logo’s, branding, publications such as magazines, newspapers and books, print advertisements, posters, billboards, website graphics and various media & elements such as signs and product packaging.

Thinkpad Creative specialise in providing cutting edge design with a wide variety of skills & experience, to send your customers the right message through visual media. Take a look at some of ‘our work‘ to see how we do this.