Video and Production

We provide video and production for a wide variety of projects, from training videos, demonstrations and tutorials, to adverts, commercials and social media.

As part of any brand, video plays an important role in portraying the right image to customers. Whether its graphic based or motion picture, we not only shoot video both in-house & on-site, we also edit & produce in-house which allows us to work closely with customers to ensure the final cut is inline with the brand, ready for launch.

Being able to offer this service in-house allows us to implement all strategy & creative processes, keeping the direction of media in the intended format. This provides the ideal way to direct your video media in the exact way intended… to generate business.

Our video and production media can be implemented into your website, social media, exhibition, in-house training & much more. Digital & DVD distribution is an ideal way to include video into your marketing & mailshot campaigns, providing customers with a memorable brand. We also provide video in cross-platform formats, desktop, tablet, mobile etc, to ensure your audience see’s your brand message loud & clear.