SSL Website Security

As part of our website & email hosting services we provide SSL security with 128-256 bit (2048 bit-key) encryption to protect your website data against theft or misuse.

SSL certificates provide you and your customers with peace of mind when browsing your website, providing users with a secure https connection and valid security certificate (that little padlock symbol in the corner of your browser!)

With Thinkpad Creative managing your website, having SSL on your website has never been so simple. Take a look at what SSL is and why you should be using it…

Ssl Padlock


A signed 2048-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate is an essential security measure for websites collecting and storing sensitive customer data. Using industry standard encryption an SSL Certificate guarantees that sensitive data shared between your server and your users browser, is secure and safe.

Not only does an SSL protect you and your customer’s sensitive data, it gives your site an SEO boost and reassures your users of the authenticity of your website, helping you to gain their trust and sell more.

Protect sensitive data

Industry-leading 256-bit encryption keeps sensitive customer data like passwords, usernames and credit card numbers secure.

Increase online sales

The widely recognised secure padlock icon and green address bar displays in a users browser highlighting you are safe to do business with.

SEO ranking boost

Google awards a small ranking boost to all secure HTTPS/SSL sites, making it easier for your users to find you.

Customer assurance

SSL provides your website visitors and customers with assurance that their visit to your website is safe and secure.

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What does SSL look like?

SSL Certificates provide security across ALL browsers.

In each browser both the secure padlock symbol and the https protocol will be visible to website visitors, providing them with assurance during their visit or purchase.

This feature in internet browsers has become an integral part of internet security, with studies showing many users will choose not to purchase from a website without an SSL certificate. Even informative websites are showing users now prefer to browse a secure website with these security features. The increases your website visitors and reduces the bounce rate (number of people leaving your site) considerably in comparison to websites without SSL.

Ssl Browsers