Social Media Strategy

Social media strategy provides your brand with an on-line media presence that engages users and followers.

Building a social media presence & following is not easy, it might take years to develop a loyal group of followers who are genuinely interested in your brand.

Creating a strategy for your social media is vital to gaining success across these platforms. Social media starts simultaneously with your website launch, both work hand in hand to support each other on the web, getting it right from the start will quickly grow your following. Establishing your strategy in line with your content & marketing plan will ensure your brand receives the best possible chance of success.

Your social media strategy will focus on your goals & objectives keeping in mind what type of customer you are looking to attract. By developing your message and analysing your competitors, we can help you put together a strategy that achieves the desired result.

Not all social media platforms will be relevant, many will return negative results. With social media it’s not just a case of having a page or feed. Platforms such as Twitter or Facebook need to be updated on a daily or weekly basis. For companies that don’t have the personnel or spare time to regularly update these media platforms, we offer services to do this for you, this can even be implemented as part of your monthly marketing plan.