Signage & Display Media for Air Purification Skroll

Display media & signage has been produced for use within the head office for AP Skroll. The new display media welcomes guests to the offices, providing a glimpse at the new dehydration media developed for air & gas applications.

Air Purification Skroll ™ (APS) is a revolutionary adsorption media (Patents pending). It consists of adsorbent crystals immobilised in a durable polymer support structure, produced in the form of a continuous embossed sheet. The Skroll construction and its integral engineered flow paths are designed to provide optimum performance in the dehydration of air and gases. It is tough, durable, recovers from miss-use and has long service life (typically 10 years).

PROJECT REQUIREMENTS: Display media designed from the creative photography of the APS media. Designed to welcome & interest guests into the offices. High definition print & lamination.