SEO Evaluation and Management

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation.

Our SEO Evaluation and management services are all about creating content that helps to improve your search engine positioning.

In a world wide web that is bloated with content, how can you gain recognition? There are 2 areas we believe give you the best results: 1. Content & 2. Traffic.

Content is king, providing visitors with as much useful and informative content as possible through text, images & video. This generates traffic, people visiting your website. The more traffic your website receives the more search engines view it as relevant to users. When you combine the 2 together you are creating the perfect conditions for moving to the top of search engine reuslts pages.

As standard, every website we create has optimised page content to gain top positions in search engines such as Google, Bing etc. However these top ranking positions can soon be lost if you don’t constantly update your content and tweak existing content to gain high positioning.

We offer SEO Evaluation and Management consultancy services to manage your content on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to improve your success. While we can never guarantee top level positions*, we can guarantee you will be at the very best position possible for your brand.

* There is no company in the world who can guarantee top level positions through content. The only way this is possible is through paid for adwords to get your ad shown at the top of Google search results, costing hundreds and even tens of thousands of pounds every month. The key to organic top level positioning is content and traffic.