Display Roller Banners for Arriva TrainCare

Design & print of 2 new corporate roller banners has just been completed for Arriva TrainCare. The displays are to be used internally within the organisation. The final banners will be produced in multiple quantities.

Arriva TrainCare is a leading independent UK train maintenance company based in Crewe, with five strategically located depots throughout the country. With a direct connection to the West Coast Mainline, their Crewe headquarters and depot, offers an unparalleled location for train servicing, maintenance and overhaul, providing one of the largest maintenance facilities available staffed by a versatile and professional workforce.

A long standing relationship has been created with the company and various design work, video, photography, print and website creation is currently taking place.

 PROJECT REQUIREMENTS: 2 new roller banners to be produced reflecting the Arriva TrainCare brand. Design will be very basic outlining key aspects of Arriva TrainCare’s challenges and success.