Digital Marketing

Here at Thinkpad Creative, we provide effective Digital Marketing solutions to build brand recognition.

Using digital technologies and platforms we promote brands digitally as part of strategic marketing campaigns. Through email, social media, digital broadcasting, SMS and more, we help your brand achieve recognition and success via the internet.

Your digital presence is vital in establishing your brand on the internet. Customers & consumers are used to being presented with online marketing through emails, adverts, social media etc and are more likely to be drawn to products and services promoted in this format. While physical marketing still has its place, digital marketing should be foremost in your strategy.

Digital marketing provides a direct contact with potential customers allowing you to manage your relationship with them. Weekly or monthly emailers, targeted offers and news, special invitation to events and so on, give your customers the sense of being a valued customer and builds an ongoing relationship that ensures the future success of your brand.

We design your digital marketing in line with the brand to ensure the correct message is portrayed at all times. Our digital Marketing services are available on a monthly basis, to regularly keep in touch with customers alerting them to your products & services.

The results received back from Digital Marketing can then be evaluated as part of our Analytics & Metrics services.