Brand Identity

As part of our Brand Identity services we provide everything your business needs to launch a brand. We have decades of experience in launching brands for both small & large businesses whether industrial, public or private.

BRANDS = BUSINESS… There’s more to a brand than just it’s logo.

Brand success comes from unique identity in its marketplace through every aspect of brand identity; Logo, Brand Mark, Colour, Typography, Photography, Illustration, Icons, Character, Slogan, Voice & much more…

The sole purpose of brand identity is to present your products & services in the way you want them to be perceived. For example, advertising a product that is featured as its own entity does not have as much impact as advertising it with the lifestyle it suits. This presents the customer with an added reason to purchase products or services, making them both emotional and engaged with your brand. There are many ways in which branding is a vital part of your success, it therefore should never be underestimated.

Every piece of literature, advert, letter, email, digital & social media etc… should shout ‘BRAND’, your brand should be recognisable in any & every situation.