Analytics and Metrics

We provide Analytics and Metrics data for websites to make sure your media is doing it’s intended job.

Analytics help us to discover patterns associated with your online presence and helps us identify areas that need to be changed, updated or even redirected. This is a vital part of any ongoing website management.

This data helps us to determine many factors of a users visit to your website, such as their location, language, viewing device, browser and how their flow of travel works across your website. Analytics allow us to provide updated content & strategies to further engage visitors in your brand.

Metrics work along side Analytics by providing data on number of visitors, referrals, bounce rates, exit pages, conversions, viewing time and much more. This help us fine tune your digital content to gain more flow of customers and regenerate interest on pages that loose customers.

How your website performs should never be overlooked, constant enhancement and update of content is a must. This is something we at Thinkpad Creative believe is just as important as creating any website.

The only negative side to using this data is the time it takes to do so. This can steal your time that would better be spent running your business and customer relations. As part of our ongoing services we do this analysis for you, to provide analytical and metric reports as part of your marketing strategy. Content can then be changed to support your marketing and brand direction without the need to do everything yourself. We do this by working closely with our clients to ensure their brand gets the very best on-line presence and so they understand their analytical & metric data.